What We Offer To Individuals

Tax Planning
We make sure to inform you how much to pay in estimated tax payments during the year to avoid any underpayment penalty and interest charges. We help you find legitimate tax strategies that would reduce the amount of tax owed.
Free Customized Tax Organize
Request a free, Customized Tax Organizer to make tax season preparation easier this year. We will create a document for you that is tailored to your unique tax situation and which will make collecting the facts for your tax return(s) much easier.
Individual Tax Preparation Services
Our firm has helped thousands of taxpayers lessen their income tax bill and would be happy to help you as well. We prepare all types of returns at a reasonable cost. We can help you with your tax preparation and related financial planning needs.
Rental Property
Thinking about renting out a former principal residence, or buying real estate particularly for rental purposes? Seek our assistance to keep the appropriate records and make sure your depreciation calculations are accurate.

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